Learning Log By Nada 5th Class



In 5th class we made learning logs! Learning logs are copies that we designed and every Thursday we pick something that we learned that week and write it in our learning log. We can display it however we like. We all enjoy using them!

 The canopy:

In school we made a canopy. We all got strings and put stuff like pipe cleaners and paper on them and made them into a canopy! We hung the canopy above the door.


The winter fest:

For the winter fest, our theme was diversity, and 5th and 6th class did dances from all around the world! There was 7 dances. Here they are:

Bhangra, Hakka, Salsa, line dancing, Samba, Russian dancing and happy feet.


Ginger bread houses:

In December, we made GINGER –BREAD HOUSES! We got templates and cut them out of ginger bread. Then we decorated them with sweets. I had lots of fun!

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