On Friday, October 6th, we celebrated One Day Together, to highlight Educate Together’s National Fund-raising efforts. At our assembly, 5th class gave an excellent presentation on what it means to be educated in an Educate Together school and helped the rest of the students to see the many ways in which we are similar to other schools yet also to think about the ways in which Educate Together schools differ from other schools in some important aspects. Their presentations, which show a very good understanding of the different aspects of our ethos, are displayed on our Ethos Board at the top of the stairs.

Here are some quotes from their writings.

In Educate Together schools the children can get creative and voice their ideas and opinions.

We do not treat you differently if you are different.

Educate Together is not a one belief school.

As kids in an Educate Together school we are respected by teachers and staff. We are allowed to wear what we like so we can exercise our own individuality. We call our teachers by their first names so we can have a better working and personal relationship with them. I feel very privileged and grateful to be in an Educate Together school.

No matter who you are, where you’re from and/or what you believe in, you always have a chance at an ET school.

I love my Educate Together school and I’m really grateful that I go to one.

We are asking everyone to give generously to our annual ET fund raiser – Halloween Dress Up Day.


   Enjoying Tree Day 2017