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Blue Star report (Final)

We marked the end of our participation in the Blue Star programme with an Open Morning on Tuesday, May 9th, (Europe Day) to which parents, guardians and members of the local community were invited to view the children’s work and talk to our student ‘guides’ about what each of the classes have been doing as part of the programme. Displays included written work, art work and projects as well as videos of dramas enacted by the children, a specially composed Rap and some PowerPoints presenting work completed as part of the programme. Later we gathered on the playground to have an aerial photograph taken with a specially commissioned drone, which caused great excitement! 

As our special event to mark Europe Day and the 60th Anniversary of the Treaty of Rome this year, we all dressed in blue and walked through the local housing estate, joined by parents and some local residents, making our way to the local park where we sang Happy Birthday EU and did our Handshake for Europe

Staff and students have enjoyed participating in the Blue Star programme, with the combination of learning new and interesting facts, creatively presenting their learning and celebration which have all been aspects of the programme. 

Euro Wave

Handshake for Europe