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Educate Together Facts and Figures.

The following are some up-to-date facts and figures regarding Educate Together.

  • Since the Dalkey School Project first opened in 1978, our network has grown to 77 schools nationwide. These include 74 primary-level schools, and our first 3 second-level schools which opened in 2014.


  • In September 2015, we will be opening another 4 primary-level schools in Castlebar, New Ross, Pelletstown, and Tuam, and a second-level school in Celbridge. This will bring us to a total of 82 schools nationwide.


  • Over 19, 000 students attend Educate Together schools.


  • Over 1, 200 teachers currently work in Educate Together schools.


  • Educate Together‘s network of schools has doubled in the past ten years.


  • Redfield Primary Academy opened in Bristol in England in 2014. It is the first Educate Together school to be opened outside of Ireland.