Pre-Enrolment in RETNS

A pre-enrolment number will be assigned to each complete application form. Each pre-enrolment is acknowledged. Priority for a place in the school is determined solely by the date on which a child’s name is entered on the pre-enrolment list.

The current Board of Management policy is that children are enrolled on a first come first served basis. This policy has recently been revised to include a sibling preference. This revised policy will come into  effect from the 2019 school year, and will be in full effect from the 2020 school year. See link below.

Children must be 2 years of age or older to be pre-enrolled. If you pre-enrol your child prior to their 2nd birthday they will be taken off the pre-enrolment list. You will not receive notification of this from the school.

Junior Infants are entitled to start in Rathfarnham Educate Together National School if they are four years old before March 31 of that year.

Please click on the following in order to see the full pre-enrolment policy from 2019 :RETNS Enrolment Policy

Please click on the following in order to access the full pre-enrolment policy for enrolments prior to 2019: Enrolment Policy – Prior to 2019

Please click on the following in order to check out our FAQs on Enrolment in RETNS:  Enrolment FAQs

RETNS is a popular and oversubscribed school. Your attention is drawn to the paragraphs under Eligibility Criteria, which make clear when and how RETNS is introducing a sibling policy.

Please choose a form from the following depending on whether you wish your child to start in Junior Infants (there are a number of year options) or other classes up through the school :

2020 Pre-Enrolment for Junior Infants is now closed as it has reached the maximum number of applicants.

2021 Pre-Enrolment Form for Junior Infants

2022 Pre-Enrolment Form for Junior Infants

2020 Pre-Enrolment Form for Senior Infants – 6th Class



Previous Enrolment Policies can be accessed below:

Previous version of the full pre-enrolment policy from 2019 : Enrolment Policy