When a class starts in Junior Infants they are given a name which stays with them all the way up from Junior Infants to 6th Class. This is the Dolphins page. Each year, news from the Dolphins will be added to what happened in the previous years they have been in the school. 

6th Class

Welcome to the 6th Class section of the Dolphins page. We hope to add really important news and updates here. Darren

5th Class

Welcome to the 5th Class section of the Dolphins page. We hope to add really important news and updates here. Anna

5th class have really enjoyed Term 2.  They have been very busy learning about Irish Aid and the Global Goals for Sustainable Development, forces and magnetism, percentages, the 1916 Rising, writing narrative stories and doing lots of great art projects. We celebrated the easing of restrictions by going on a trip to the National Gallery and Merrion Square Playground, buddy reading with Rang 1, moving seats during indoor break and eating lots of delicious pancakes on Pancake Tuesday! Seachtain na Gaeilge was great fun and we loved taking part in the Comórtas na Doirse and the Tráth na gCeist! Well done to all our Gaeilgeoir na Seachtaine winners and to everyone in 5th class for all your fantastic work this term. Have a great break. Anna 

5th Class Celebrate Tree Day

5th class took their art class outside on Tree Day. They spent time observing trees, their shapes and the beautiful light.
Everyone had a tablet to take a series of photos of what they saw. Back in class, they selected their favourite one to keep. I think we have some excellent photographers in 5th class!!
Active Homework
Active Homework
Active Homework

A New School Year, A New School Friend

5th Class have had a great start to the year. We were delighted to take this photo when we welcomed a new member to our class and finally had everyone in school on this sunny day!! It’s great to see all those smiles.

4th Class

Welcome to the 4th class distance learning page. Here you will see a selection of some of our excellent work that we’ve completed during the school closure. We’ve been super busy with our daily Zoom calls and are becoming pros with using Seesaw. All in all we’re making the best out of a difficult situation! Brian

The Tower of RETNS

4th Class are great at co-operating together, just look at the tower Samuel G, Luka, Lorcan, Rose and Dillion constructed! It is EPIC! Well done. Brian

Learn to Sew

I learned to sew when I was in Primary School in Galway by using Gingham material. It makes following the lines easier. Now 4th class are learning to sew using this tried and trusted method. They are doing amazing at sewing. Brian

Clay Tiles

Before our May break we made clay tiles and let them dry. We have now added our colours to the clay tiles. They look amazing. Brian

4th Class Write-a-book

Well done to all of 4th class for completing the Write a Book project for a second year. It’s a big undertaking but the payoff is definitely worth it when you see what they created.

Congratulations to Lauren who won the Merit Award for her story The Secret Unicorn. There were three other books that were Highly Commended: Joke Land by Luke, The Girl Sailor by Éilis and Piper and Tweet’s Amazing Adventures by Elle. A big thank you also goes to the parents and guardians who helped with the planning, correcting and editing. Brian

Indian Ink Sketching with Twigs

Niamh Kelly is currently filling in for Una who is on leave. Niamh is also an artist who works with ink. She helped us create these gorgeous paintings using Indian ink. We used twigs to spread the ink, similar to how quills work. They make a striking feature outside the classroom.

4th Class Record Attempts

4th Class have been creating a record book full of challenges. One of the challenges was to create the largest picture in the class. Amber and Irie were the main people behind the amazing Dragon and Unicorn pi cture above. Lots of others helped colour it in. And they did this all themselves without any imput from any adults!

4th Class have been busy!

We’ve packed quite a lot into these last two weeks. Most of our work has been focused on getting our Write a Books finished and ill think you agree that they look fantastic! The weather has been pretty nice of late so we’ve been trying to get out and enjoy it while it lasts. We are lucky that we now have a new outdoor learning area beside the raised beds. Finally, our art has focused on Easter and St. Patrick’s Day/Ireland. We made some fabric eggs and decorated them and they turned out really well. Celtic symbols were the inspiration for our paintings.


Green School Competition:- 4th Class Entries

“The ocean and me”       “Waves”       “Deep down in the sea” 

were the themes set by the Green School Committee in this writing competition. Amber, Lauren and Irie sent in some lovely work! Well done Girls, Brian

Active Homework
Active Homework

The Ocean and Me

The Ocean and Me feel the breeze through the wind,

The Ocean and Me feel the beat from the waves going in and out. The sun is setting, all the city lights are off.

Now it’s just The Ocean and Me.

I sometimes wonder what’s deep down in the Ocean?

I see creatures flashing through my eyes.. like turtles, dolphins, and fish in all kinds of colours.

I see more creatures,

What creatures do you see in the Ocean?

The Ocean and Me

Samuel G's At-At

Look at Samuel G’s At-At. Samuel saved up his money to purchase the At-At himself. It took him four hours to complete. Well done Samuel, a fantastic piece of engineering work! Brian

Signs of Spring

Now that spring has sprung, I set the class a photo challenge to take pictures of any signs of spring in their home or neighbourhood. We’ve seen lots of daffodils and a blue tit in Elle’s garden! A few people made their own pictures too. Amber made a lovely video of how she put her spring painting together. I have such a talented class! Brian

Pancake Tuesday 16th February 2021

4th Class created this cool padlet which contains a load of interesting facts about Pancake Tuesday!

Snowy weather

Ella-Rose made the most of the snow we got this week by making a Snow Angel on her trampoline and a ton of Fred Snowmen! Cool!

Lauren bakes tasty buns

Lauren made good use of her screen free day to make some tasty pink iced buns. Oh how I wish I got to taste them, yummy!

Active Homework

Maeve: Fashion Designer

Maeve designed and made this wonderful doll this week. It would make a worthy entry for Junk Kouture. 

Gráinne's Art: Valentine's Tree

For Art this week, Gráinne (our student teacher) assigned a seasonally appropriate art lesson, a Valentine’s Tree. Have a look at some of the lovely pieces we got back through See-Saw this week.