Celebrating  Science Week

Celebrating Science Week

5th and 6th classes are busy preparing for their annual Science Fair to be held on Friday, November 24th.

1st, 2nd and 3rd enjoyed their Lego workshops.

JI and SI had a great day at Imaginosity to enjoy all things science!

Following instructions. 


  The finished products!



Third class at work.



Some pictures of Junior and Senior Infants’ trip to Imaginosity.


Scarecrow Competition Winners.

Scarecrow Competition Winners.

Congratulations to Junior Infants and Sixth Class who were winners in the Scarecrow Competition in St.Enda’s. The winning entries ‘Rainbow’ and ‘Headless Henry’ both won in the schools category, while ‘Headless Henry’ was also the ‘People’s Favourite’ winner.

Headless Henry 

Rainbow (left of picture)

Global Goals

Global Goals


Over the past couple of weeks 6th class have been learning about the Global Goals.

The Global Goals have been drawn up to focus on three main areas they are to:

  • End extreme poverty
  • Fix climate change
  • Fight inequality and injustice

The Global Goals are set every fifteen years, in an attempt to make the world a better place for everyone everywhere.

Each child in our class had to make a poster representing one of the goals.

These posters were made for our presentation of the global goals.

Then Calum wrote a song to sing with the class in our presentation.

We have now made a music video and are planning to send the song into the global goals.

We hope they like it.

Calum , Sam , Niamh


6th Class trip to Glasnevin Cemetery

Recently our class went on a trip to Glasnevin Cemetery and the Botanic Gardens. We had a superb day out. While in Glasnevin we had the chance to visit the graves of many well known historical figures such as Michael Collins, Daniel O’ Connell and Éamon de Valera. Having studied Catholic Emancipation and the 1916 Rising in school this trip was of great interest to us.

We were really lucky with the weather on the day as it was beautiful. Following our tour we had a picnic before we headed to the Botanic Gardens. We loved wandering around the greenhouses in the Botanic Gardens. While we were there we sketched some fantastic pictures of the flowers and plants.

Overall we had a really interesting and fun filled day.

  • Recount written by 6th Class students.
  • Photos captured by Sarah Hannigan
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