4th Class had a wonderful day last Friday, when we went across to Loreto Park to prepare the site of our Pocket Forest. Pocket Forests is an idea from Ashe and Catherine who love to repurpose small areas into woodland patches. They also get to repurpose cardboard, coffee grounds, horse manure, wood chips in this endeavour. 

We were all put to work digging a trench (a hugelkultur trench I might add!), collecting water, collecting small sticks, gathering leaves and aerating soil before finally spreading mulch, grass cuttings, soil (from our own wormery!) and wood-chippings on what will become our forest floor. We then gathered larger sticks, rocks and stones to mark out the outside of our pocket forest area.  We are looking forward to working with the Pocket Forest team again in January, when we will plant 11 native trees at this site.

Th results of our hard work so far can be seen in Loreto Park, just beside the bridge, and more information about Pocket Forests can be found on https://www.pocketforests.ie/ .
Have a look at our photo video of how much 4th class children pitched in. They were totally engrossed and committed to this wonderful project. 
Katie and Laura