First Class dressed up for Lá Fhéile Pádraig

Lá fhéile Pádraig First Class set the standard high when they dressed up for St. Patrick’s Day this year. Our Lá Glas was something to behold.

They have also showed their creative side in their amazing art recently, both with their fabulous Mothers’s Day Art and the wonderful tulips and daffodils they drew using chalk pastels. They really brought the colours of Springtime into the classroom! Aileen


First Class 

The fabulous first classers have really embraced remote learning since January 11 last. They have been working really hard at home and uploading lots of completed work in English, Irish, Maths and other subjects through Seesaw, as well as engaging brilliantly twice each day on Zoom. Their happy, smiling faces and lovely contributions to topics being discussed on Zoom have brightened every single day for their teacher Aileen, resource teacher Claire and ANA Mary. Most recently First Class children have embraced the new challenge of using any outside time to find early signs of Spring. Notwithstanding fairly inclement weather they have been sending in some lovely photos which give us all hope of brighter days ahead.

 Just lately we have been learning all about St. Brigid’s Day, Valentine’s Day, Pancake Tuesday and Chinese New Year.  The children have wowed their teacher with their amazing recall of the facts covered, some wonderful written work and really lovely drawing and colouring activities.  Keep up this amazing work First Class.  You are truly fabulous!!


Green School Work from 1st Class

1st Class have delighted us all with their response to the weekly Green School challenge, sending in the most amazing puffins (well, we are the Puffins’ Class!!), octopuses and blue whales.  Lyra and her brother Hugo did a great job of showing just how big a blue whale really is!!! Aileen