Admissions to RETNS 2021 – 2022

The school’s Admission Policy and Annual Admission Notice are available on the school website.

The junior infants class of 2021 has been formed.  The parents of successful applications have been contacted.  We are in the process of contacting parents of unsuccessful applications.  The late applications list will remain open until 31st August 2021.

Parents and guardians who wish to enrol their children into Junior Infants for the school year 2021/2022 are asked to complete the Junior Infants Admissions Form, an online application form. Applications received after 31 October 2020 will be processed as late applications.

The Admissions Form Senior Infants to Sixth Class  will be available from 1 October 2020 up to 26th March 2021.

Please note that if you have already submitted an application for your child under the previous enrolment policy, you should NOT reapply. All applications on the existing pre-enrolment list will be processed prior to those submitted in October 2020.