Dogs 3

My Dog

My dog’s name is Paddy and he is four years old, he is a Jack Russel mixed with something else that we don’t know. He has mostly black fur and his arms and legs are golden and his ears are brown.


Random dog facts!


The reason dogs curl up is because of an instinct to keep themselves warm and to protect vital organs while they sleep.


Anything smelly your dog rolls in only smells gross to you, to them, it smells amazing!


Dogs’ sense of smell is 10,000 times stronger than humans.


By Matthew 6th class

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3 thoughts on “Dogs

  • Chantelle

    Hi Matthew.
    That is a very interesting blog you have done.
    I have two dogs back home.
    I have a full bread Doberman and a full bread Jack Russell terrier.
    I only got the Doberman a week ago his name is Buddy and my terrier is named Daisey.
    Since Buddy is a full bred Doberman we had to get papers to prove that he is a full bred to charge as much as the price was.
    And just before we bought him we saw his parents and they are really big and beautiful.🐶🐶

  • Mikey

    Wow Matthew.
    This is a great way to express your dog.
    I didn’t know that when dogs roll in smelly things they love the smell and we hate the smell.
    I have a dog at home. His name is buster but I call him Buddy.
    I like this story and I hope you make more.