Last Wednesday our class went on a trip to Notre Dame Secondary School to celebrate Science Week. We left R.E.T.N.S on a very wet morning at 10.40 and walked to the school. On arrival we were greeted with gifts from the 4th year students, which included rulers, pencils and wristbands. We were able to explore the different science experiments which were set up in the hall.

We were amazed with some of the experiments on show, these included:

  • The Cracker Test (which Popi won).
  • The Hydraulic Action Shooter test.
  • The Rock Adoption Centre – which also showed the effects of acid rain on different types of stone.
  • The Mentos and Coke experiment.
  • The Breathalyzer which tested the strength of our lungs.
  • The Potato Challenge which tested air pressure.
  • The Bubble Maker.

There were also a group of 4th year students who were offering face painting. John was the first in the class to get his face painted, setting the trend for the day with a Galaxy design.

Despite the rainy day we had a fantastic visit.

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