6th Class 2015 Graduation



4 Responses to “6th Class 2015 Graduation”

  1. 2015 graduate says:

    haha was a laugh those 8 years for sure, haven’t seen any of yous in ages

  2. Hannah says:

    I had so much fun in this school ♥

  3. Jack Admirand says:

    I was looking 4 this 4 ever. miss u all

  4. Rodiat says:

    I had fun at Graduation it was amazing Ill always remember RETNS .
    I wanna say Thank you to everyone in the school for making the past 8 years the best years of my life. Ill be back to visit RETNS this year and help out around the school.

    Thank You Rebecca Errity and Anna Haggard for being amazing teachers. 🙂
    From Rodiat Runsewe:)


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