Recycled Christmas Tree Decorations

Our tree is proudly displaying the fabulous recycled Christmas tree decorations from the junior part of the school.   The recycled decorations made by students in the senior classes are on display on our tree upstairs. The quality of decorations produced for the DLRCC Recycled Christmas Tree Decoration competition was very high. Well done to everyone […]


Anti-Bullying Ambassadors organise Partners’ Day

Our student Anti-Bullying Ambassadors team organised their first Action Day for this school year – a Partners’ Day, held on Friday, December 2nd. The aim of the day was to develop relationships among the children in the school and each class partnered with another class for at least one session of the day. Sixth Class […]


Science Fair

Our Science Fair was a great success as students from fifth and sixth spent the day demonstrating and explaining their experiments to the younger children, who certainly challenged them with their questions. Each group worked like scientists in posing a question, making their hypothesis, carrying out an experiment to test their theory, recording the results and […]


Kidsblog Comments Policy – Parent/Staff Survey

Our school recognises the value of technology, and encourages its use in a teaching and learning context. The RETNS kidsblog was set up to enable the children to share their work in an online world, and prepare the children to be effective, responsible citizens. The blog gives the children the chance to experience the opportunities […]


One Day Together for ET

 All kinds of weird and wonderful characters appeared in RETNS for our One Day Together for ET dress up.  Children dressed in an array of characters ranging from rubics cubes to Hilary Clinton and the Statue of Liberty, while staff chose a Roald Dahl theme to mark the 100th anniversary of the birth of the famous […]


Happy Halloween

Everyone enjoyed our Samhain celebration.